Tata Communications Enters Mobile Data Connectivity and IoT Markets

Tata Communications, a leading provider of A New World of Communications™, has announces its entry into the global US$ 4 billion mobile data connectivity and cross-border Internet of Things (IoT) market. The company is unveiling the Tata Communications MOVE platform that will enable people and things to become seamlessly connected on a global scale.

“With more than 3 billion Internet users globally and billions more connected ‘things’ from activity trackers and smart home hubs to connected cars and street lights, we live in a truly digital world,” said Anthony Bartolo, President, Mobility, IoT and Collaboration Solutions, Tata Communications. “We believe that the future of this digital world lies in how all of these ‘things’ connect – and that everything should be born connected. So, imagine a world where there could be embedded connectivity within everything – straight out of the box, with instant and seamless access to the Internet, anywhere in the world. That’s our aim with Tata Communications MOVE. It is a platform that enables companies to embed global connectivity in anything, improving the user experience, creating completely new revenue streams, and fulfilling the promise of a truly digital world.”

Tata Communications MOVE is part of the company’s long-term strategy for its mobility services portfolio and its vision of creating an access and usage agnostic, cross-border mobile experience for people and things. The platform is underpinned by Tata Communications’ global network, partnerships with 900 mobile communications service providers globally, and recent investment in Teleena. Teleena is an IoT connectivity specialist and mobile virtual network enabler, whose technology manages the operational complexity and reduces the cost of IoT deployments for businesses. Tata Communications’ investment has made it the single largest shareholder in Teleena with a 35% stake.

The combination of Teleena’s IoT technology and Tata Communications’ global network – which today connects 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers – lowers the barriers for brands to introduce new IoT-enabled services for engaging with consumers in new ways. Underpinned by enterprise-grade secure connectivity across 240 countries and territories, Tata Communications MOVE also paves the way for new industrial IoT applications to generate operational efficiencies in sectors such as manufacturing and logistics.

In the first phase of the roll-out of Tata Communications MOVE, the platform encompasses global cellular IoT and SIM connectivity, with further enterprise and mobile network operator capabilities to follow later in 2017, enabled by the world’s largest and most advanced wholly-owned network. Over 25% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata Communications’ network, and the company is the only Tier-1 network provider that is in the top 5 by routes in 5 continents.

“The market needs large-scale operators such as Tata Communications that are able to scale up activity in a market so far populated by small commercial aggregators and mobile virtual network operators,” said Dario Talmesio, Principal Analyst and Practice Leader, Europe, Ovum.

Vinod Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Communications, said: “With global, ubiquitous connectivity comes the power to unleash unimaginable possibilities in how brands serve and engage with their customers and partners, redefining business models across industries. As a company that has built unparalleled global network reach and platforms that simplify and accelerate cloud and data-powered innovation over the last 15 years…

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