Gurgaon-Based Innovative Startup Lensico is Looking for Additional Funding

Lensico is an innovative startup that allows customers to buy prescription or coloured lenses online. Its innovative model which is completely unique in India has allowed it to capture a significant market share. The Gurgaon based company now expects to expand pan India and is seeking additional funds to allow it to do so.

The company is dedicated to helping people see better without compromising on their physical appearance. It is for the fulfillment of this vision that Lensico is seeking funding of $500,000. The funds being sought will be used for technology led expansion to help customers get the most out of the newest technology. The company’s leadership expects to use the funds for marketing which will allow lakhs from around India to learn about Lensico’s unique offering. Using the funds, Lensico expects to expand across India and to allow lakhs of Indians to benefit from technology that imparts them crystal clear vision.

Lensico’s founders also expect to use the funds to perform eye checkups in people’s homes. Doing so will greatly increase its reach across India and increase its base of customers. The company’s founders aspire for Lensico to be the only brand in India that aggregates contact lenses.

Speaking about the need for additional funding Shashwat Kedia, CEO and Founder, Lensico said “We are in a business that improves people’s quality of life. Among Indians, there is a shift in preference towards wearing contact lenses as opposed to spectacles. This trend is most visible among the young and is as potent in smaller towns and cities in India as in larger metropolitan areas. We believe that we are poised to serve this market and offer the gift of good eyesight to millions without compromising on their physical appearance. Nearly 50% of Indians suffer from poor eyesight, we expect to serve this huge market and as a result to improve the lives of millions”.

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